MyLog (app)

Developed for you as a firefighter to be able to log your exposures to fire smoke, soot, particles and other chemicals in the profession.

MyLog is designed so that exposure can log easily

Easy, secure and clear logging of your exposure. Exposure information will be very important if you are exposed to work-related cancer.

Why use MyLog?

Each time you log an exposure, you get an overview of all the loggings you have made. This will make you aware of how many exposures you have had in relation to being a firefighter, instructor or other. By raising awareness of this, you get an increased focus on exposure and measures you can take to reduce this to a minimum.

Full overview

In MyLog, your data is stored for a long time, so that it can be retrieved if you ever need to document exposure throughout your career. It is therefore important that it is used with each exposure that occurs.

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